Sete Star Sept unfortunately embroiled in mess created by alleged rapist driver on US tour

The internet was set ablaze when US promoters Ohmen Productions released a statement that due to Sete Star Sept‘s current driver being accused of sexual assault, they were canceling Sete Star Sept’s show. This is the official statement they had released:

We are announcing that on 4/2/18, Sete Star Sept will not be allowed to play the gig we have booked. It was recently brought to our attention that know rapist and sexual abuser, Dan McGregor from Baltimore, MD, is involved with this tour. Ohmen Productions will not tolerate any sexual abusers and will not be allowing Sete Star Sept to play due to Dan’s involvement as driver for the tour. We will still have a show on this date, SSS, however will not be involved.

Edit: Should have made this clear; we are reaching out to Sete Star Sept to speak through this, if they can get a new driver, we will allow them to play, we want them to play, however we can’t allow it should Dan be there at all.

As you can read from the comments section below this statement, many people seem to be confused as to why the band themselves are bearing the brunt of this situation. The band being from Japan, many people were also wondering if there was some language miscommunication.

The band themselves finally released a statement themselves confirming that said driver is no longer on the tour with them. Read the statement below:

Dear all people involved in booking on the East coast show

At first, i have to say thank you so much everybody who take care Sete Star Sept.
right now,I am writing that I should make formal public comment.
i got many messages from promoters/fans about Dan McGregor’s numerous sexual assault. actually i didn’t know much about his sexual assault problem deeply.
In conclusion, Dan will not come with us on this tour.
Sete Star Sept will tour with other driver all dates.
best regards

Ryosuke Kiyasu

Finally, the promoters confirmed that the show was back on:

UPDATE OM THE 4/2/18 SHOW WITH SETE STAR SEPT! Sete Star Sept, IS playing! They made a public statement saying that Dan McGregor IS NOT going to be thier driver or with them!

We are not holding SSS accountable for Dan’s actions, he does not represent them. That being said, we will make sure Dan is not allowed in or near the venue at all.


What a strange few hours for SSS from Japan. We wish our buddies in the band the best of luck on their US run. Go support the band. These are their dates:

SETE STAR SEPT U.S. tour 2018

March 24 (Sat) – Chattanooga TN
March 25 (Sun) – Atlanta GA
March 26 (Mon) – Baltimore MD – Ryosuke Kiyasu solo performance
March 27 (Tue) – Cincinnati OH at The Mockbee
March 28 (Wed) – Dayton OH at Treehouse of Horror
March 29 (Thur) – Nashville TN at Found Object Records
March 30 (Fri) – Cleveland OH at Maple Lanes
March 31 (Sat) – Binghamton NY at Avenue DIY
April 1 (Sun) – Buffalo NY at Sugar City
April 2 (Mon) – Manchester NH at Bungalow Bar & Grill
April 3 (Tue) – Albany NY at Pauly’s Hotel
April 4 (Wed) – Belchertown MA at Cold Spring Hollow
April 5 (Thur) – West Haven CT at Crunch Time House
April 6 (Fri) – Providence RI at Dusk
April 7 ( Sat) – New York NY at Saint Vitus
April 8 (Sun) – Montclair NJ at Meatlocker
April 9 (Mon) – Philadelphia PA
April 10 (Tue) – Pittsburgh PA at Roboto Project
April 11 (Wed) – Virginia Beach VA at Charley’s Cafe
April 12 (Thur) – Raleigh NC at The Bunker
April 13 (Fri) – Baltimore MD
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