Seminal Metal Hardcore Act Loads of Motherhood Release Trademark Single [Philippines]

Hailed as one of the Philippines’ most legendary – and elusive – live acts during the late 90s and the early 2000s, LOADS OF MOTHERHOOD – renowned in the local underground Philippine music scene as one of the most hard-hitting groups to do it, has finally released their single “Objectionable Pride,” and it slaps! The release, which dropped at midnight last night, caught many fans off-guard, and it was surprisingly well-received online, with a lot of the band’s friends, fans, and comrades from back in the day coming out of hiding and sending well-wishes. 

This track was originally released on CD format in 2011 as part of a split EP with contemporaries SKYCHURCH (fellow legends in the Philippine music scene) produced by the kings, Tower of Doom Studios. As the music was never released on digital platforms, Loads of Motherhood have decided to re-collect and unleash all previously unreleased recordings and demos, and possibly, even new material in the near future. 

Guitarist Mark Baling explains the sudden move:

“A decade ago, we worked on and recorded these songs mainly for posterity – we wanted to do a proper farewell show for our friends and this was sort of the souvenir that came with it; our friend Joey [Dizon, ex- Skychurch/Intolerant guitarist] came-up with the idea and hooked us up with Eric, Carlo [Perlas] and Macoy [Manuel] of Tower of Doom, and they did such an awesome job on it. Unfortunately – as the Loads of Motherhood story often goes, we sort of just lost-touch soon after that…so when our drummer Nino Hernandez passed away last year, we all thought it would be a great idea to pay homage to our bandmate and friend – we figured the best way to commemorate his life by letting him live on in the thing he loved doing best,” says Mark, who is currently residing the United States. 

RIP Nino

Bassist Francis Alcantara shares that though there are no solid plans for the near-future of Loads of Motherhood (except to finally put everything previously unreleased online), he also expressed his excitement with the release and the other upcoming tracks, “We’re really just stoked that finally, even we – ourselves – can listen to the music we created. We just want to share what we did years ago and hopefully, people will like it, and that it’ll make Nino proud and happy up there.”

Speaking of current activities, Baling, vocalist Ramil Libao, and their buddy Dizon are involved with the Crossing The Wire Podcast, uploaded on The podcast – which has two episodes so far, (featuring interviews with the members of Loads of Motherhood and recently Badburn) is named after one of the band’s officially released songs. They are scheduled to interview and chat with more contemporaries not just in music, but basically anyone and everyone involved in their circle. 

The current single – and the following singles – will also serve as an opportunity for the surviving members of the band to raise funds for Hernandez’ family. So please do support their project if you can!

Loads of Motherhood:

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