REVIEW: Overthrown | Walk The Talk EP (2015)


BAND: Overthrown (Singapore)
RELEASE: Walk The Talk EP (2015)
REVIEWER: Unite Asia
Final Rating: 100/10

When this EP exploded through my speakers and I marvelled at the immense production and groove, the first thing that jumped into my head was “Why isn’t this record blowing up all across Asia?” In terms of Asian hardcore, this 5 track EP released by 20 year veterans of the Asian hardcore community – Overthrown of Singapore – have taken their deeply NYHC-inspired madness to heights unseen on any of their previous releases (the band have released 2 full lengths). Not only is their a clear improvement in the quality of riffs that have been carefully mined for these songs, but there seems to have been a massive growth and maturity in the way the music has been pieced altogether. If you’ve heard any of Overthrown’s previous efforts, get ready to hear a completely new and improved version of the band.

Guitarist, Jai, of the band actually flew to New York to lay down guitars and bass himself for this EP. But he didn’t record them at any ol’ studio…he chose to go with the man, the myth, the legend that is behind great classic hardcore records by bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Inside Out, Side By Side, Burn, etc., Mr. Don Fury himself! Yo…if you’re going to commit and stay dedicated to your band like Jai did during an interesting period of time, THIS is the way to do it. If your band borrows and leans towards a certain sound (NYHC in Overthrown’s case) then go where this stuff was born and lay down the tracks under the vision of someone who was there with the bands who created all of this in the first place. This was probably one of the best decisions Overthrown has ever made…and the result is something that Jai, the rest of his band members, and ALL of Asia should be immensely proud of.

The EP doesn’t waste a second even with the way the whole EP launches right into a heavily Terror-esque track starting off the EP with a song all about Overthrown/worldwide hardcore pride. Guitars have a great crunchy tone that adds bite to the overall mix. Vocally, Ratchy has always been a unique vocalist with a sound/style totally his own. When you hear his voice, you know you’re listening to an Overthrown track. But on this EP because of the production under Don’s mighty touch, his vocals seem to be a lot more controlled allowing the lyrics to breathe a little more. There are even times during the 5 songs that Ratchy is channeling his inner Freddy Madball! Musically too, there is a Madball vibe with that legendary Hoya bounce in the tracks (especially on the track Don’t Lose Respect).

At the end of the day – Overthrown continue to fly the flag of Singapore and Asia while touring the world. The band more then deserves any accolades they get and we here at Unite Asia hope they will continue to churn out great music in the future.

If you haven’t gotten this record yet then pick it up:

Digitally and on CD through Innerstrength Records:

On cassette tape released by Dangerous Goods (with digital download card): (According to the liner notes in the cassette tape – the layout was all handled by Dangerous Goods on this thing! THEY KILLED IT! The layout comes complete with live photos interspersed with lyrics and credits. Great job!)

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