Punk-ska-electrco band The Kathmandu Killers release debut EP with song explanations[Nepal]

Punk-ska-electrco band The Kathmandu Killers release debut EP with song explanations [Nepal]

“Unlike Nike or Reebocks which are pirated because they are expensive, it looks like Goldstar’s copy-cats want a slice of the pie that the shoe has carved for itself in Nepal’s domestic market because of its low price. It is a functional, no-frills shoe that is worn by everyone from peons to managers, from underground rebels to civil servants across Nepal”. – The Nepali Times, April 2005 During Nepal’s 10 year civil war people were stigmatized, harassed, or tortured as suspect Maoist rebels for wearing Goldstar shoes. As we walk around Kathmandu now, it’s as if everyone’s forgotten those days. We wrote this song to remember that freedom comes with a price. In Kathmandu, the only memory of this war are Goldstar shoes. Wear them freely while you can.”


“This is a song about love and acceptance. Contrary to the west, in the East there shouldn’t be any specific gender. Both male and female, ying and yang, shiva and shakti are inherent in all of us. One does not dominate the other. Love and life is about keeping the balance and harmony of both, and acknowledging, nurturing, and embracing the female and male aspects within us. We are fluid.”

“Dedicated to migrant workers everywhere in the world who tried to make a life at home and ended up as migrant workers in another, richer country. Some live in terrible conditions; some survive it and return a little broken, but economically successful. The ‘brave new world’ Gorkhalis of today, cheers to them.”

“Parents are fighting, rich / poor, there’s problems in everyone’s family. Mother, I’m not coming home today.”

“This is dedicated to all urban dwellers in Kathmandu who want to get out + see our beautiful plains, midhills + Himalayas but, Kathmandu just won’t leave them.”

“Pilgrims used to walk or take horses for days to reach the sacred place of Muktinath nestled in the Annapurna himalayas. Now roads have been dug + you or any grandmother can hitch a ride with a local biker – what we call ‘jomsom cowboys’ in this song – on their ‘iron horse’ + motorcycle your way to the Gods!”


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