Punk Rock Band Punk On Toast Flying the Punk Rock Flag In An Ocean of Metal [India]

We’ve always been supporters of bands playing a form of music that is by no means hugely popular in the community, scene, city, or country they’re from. There are lots of these pockets around the world where one form of the underground “sound” is far superior to all others. Like in most parts of the world, metal is also MASSIVE in India. So for non-metal bands to survive and release killer material within the situation they’re in (amongst an ocean of hugely influential and world-renown metal acts), really makes us want to go outta the way to help support ’em.

Mumbai-based punk rock band Punk On Toast just released an all LIVE full-length and all the “ooh’s” and “aaah’s” they captured really has us pumped…the mix of Pennywise, NOFX, Bad Religion all mixed in with awesome politically charged lyrics is the right way to do this.

Check out the full write up below and go SUPPORT the band! It’ll be SO rad for them to get support from all over the world!

“The Mumbai Punk Rockers Punk On Toast have been brewing some new material. But before that, they’ve dropped a punchy live set featuring 11 tracks from their debut EP and album. Titled with a spoonerism, in a typical NOFX fashion, and inspired by their quintessential record ‘Punk in Drublic’, this live album features 11 tracks from the Punk on Toast’s debut EP ‘For Hire’ and debut album ‘We Abuse A Lot, So What?’.

Trying an unusual format this time around, frontman Aditya Naik says “We always believed that we are better as a performing act than a recording band. Putting out a live record made the most sense because the energy just translates right.”

“It was one of the best sounding shows we’ve had.” says guitarist and sound engineer Kunal Dole.

While their sound draws sonic inspirations from bands like Ramones and NOFX, the tracklist highlights the band’s anti-establishment ethos, personal losses, and heartbreaks. “A huge part of this setlist reflects back to a time we were pissed off with the authorities and elitists. The outlook on these songs is relevant to this day, and is a reminder that we are still being silenced by people in power.” he further says.

The album was recorded at the 10th edition of live gig-series United We Groove and also features Doom Metal outfit Dirge’s vocalist Tabish Khidir on their track ‘MH370’. Recorded by Sreejith Menon and mixed by Kunal Dole, ‘Grugs Are Dood’ boasts the band’s loud, distorted sound and what’s to come in their upcoming release.”


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