Punk Rock Act Total Reverge Release New EP [Singapore]

Singapore Punk Rock band Total Reverge has released an EP entitled: HOPE.

While the world is on fire, they say from the ashes rises a phoenix. While this punk rock band is no phoenix, their original music sure is fire.

Previously named The Verge & Tomorrow’s Verge; Total Reverge or TRV, in short, has been around for about 9 years in Singapore, heavily inspired by the likes of Anti-Flag, Green Day, Sex Pistols & NOFX.

Formed in 2011, TRV has performed countless underground gigs with big names in Singapore’s Punk Rock scene like Iman’s League and Take-Off in and out of the scene. Throughout the years, the band never got around to release their own legitimate EP.. Until 2020.

With the EP dubbed “Years in the making”, TRV promises to bring you HOPE through these dark times.. With a little bit light through Punk Rock.

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