Punk Band Fardhell Muchell Release Second Album ‘Opinions Matter, Brains Shatter’ [Hong Kong]

As the second wave of the pandemic bites, Hong Kong based punk band Fardhell Muchell have released a new album entitled ‘Opinions Matter, Brains Shatter’.

“We are back with another round of fucking loco down musical production…

As well as it was for the first album, the title “Opinions matter, brains shatter” is not a mere title taken from a song in it, but the password to unlock the hidden message of each song.

The opening track “rollerblades” seems to teach us that the threats are often well visible and obvious, even in the most innocuous things and aspects of our life. Of course, we don’t like to read, so we realized that we are screwed when it’s too late. What’s worse than taking advantage of someone who can’t fight back?

“Rotten hearts” it’s dedicated to all those bastards who do that for the job. A whistleblower said that this song it’s dedicated to insurance and telephone companies, banks, and vigili urbani.

Will 2021 be the year remembered as the dawn after the long night? Or the only one to wake up at sunrise will be Godzilla? This thought must have generated some “21 Anxiety”. Surely the light at the end of the tunnel is represented by the world’s massive vaccine campaign that just started.

“Lack of humanity” should put you in the right mood for a self-vaccination session in the parking lot of the local train station.

“Katsu Anares” is the hero nobody needs, but he is always there for us! Constantly in the wrong place, always at the wrong time. Spoiler alert, he doesn’t wear a cape… nor a mask.

It’s well known that every single snowflake is different from one another, you’ll never find two identical “Snowflakes”…but what happens when they pile together? would you be able to tell the difference anymore?”

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