Punk Band Fardhell Muchell Release New Album

Let’s clear up the confusing headline – took us a while to understand it ourselves 🙂

Fardhell Muchell are a band made up of expats who originally formed the band in Shanghai under the moniker Bordhell. The band members then moved to Hong Kong and went under the name Bordhell. Now the band goes by the name Fardhell Muchell – and that’s the release streaming below. Woah…

According to the band:

Cuori Chinesi is an album that tells about crazy and hallucinated stories, real-life or just fantasy…we’ll never know…Does it really matter? The overture song is: “Destination Q8”, don’t get distracted by the external vocal interferences that dot the song… Q8 is just pure Rock’N’ Roll’s adrenalin pumped into your blood stream at 180 bpm. In less than three minutes you’ll be disheveled by Fardhell Muchell’s sound and taken into their sick world. “Parasite” nothing to do with the movie…maybe… but surely an incredible journey through the sound and the darkest corners of your souls. “You control me, I control you”, “Rock ‘N’Roll it’s like stinky tofu”, “Quarantena Steve”, “Garage Super Star” and “Il fardello dello scaldacollo” What to say about these songs beside that… it’s just pure rock and roll, taken to a new level of ignorance and boldness, yaaash, that what these guys are about. “Loco down” marks a line of reality and contemporaneity if we pay attention to the lyrics… the song roars frustration and rage in an irreverent and outrageous musical exercise in style. “Fish Head”, someone told me that, everything happened in a pre-apocalyptic Hong Kong set, well it sounds true to me! “The Desolation Beach”, Motörhead could have written this song… plain and simple. “Skizzo Skizzo”, the cover you don’t expect, just to close the album with a middle finger raised… towards whom? Who cares… but hell, Jo Squillo rocks!”

As Fardehll Muchell we’d like to thank everyone who joined the project, especially: Our far away guitar Master Mr. Vincenzo Nardelli for throwing a super kickass guitar solo in the Fish Head track, and our poetry mentor Mr. Dave Evans for the accurate song’s introduction, we love you guys,💗and we hope we can rock out together sometimes soon! – The facts narrated in this masterpiece track are totally random ( maybe ) and no animal in wanchai has been hurt during the song’s recording ( maybe ).- Another special thanks goes to Mr. Pierluigi Stabile for the wonderful cyberpunk-themed album artwork, you might wanna check this guy out, he’s a real badass and excellent artist! ( here below the cover )👾👾👾 And a final thanks goes to our friends and loved ones, the Bordhell and the Müchell’s family, and all the fans and people that have been following us from 2014, no matter where you are and what you’re doing we love you all and don’t forget Rock’N’Roll!”


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