Progressive Metalcore Band Parallel Horizons Release Lyric Video For New Banger [Hong Kong]

Progressive metalcore band Parallel Horizons outta Hong Kong have released a lyric video for a brand new track entitled Ashen One. We’ve been following the band from the very beginning of their journey 6 years ago and have watched them continue to move in a direction that is entirely their own. This brand new song is case in point.

There are so many layers to this track, however, if you’ve been paying attention, you will have seen it coming. This may feel like the first time the band has put forward more of an emotional number – but to fans of the band, the overall suffocating feeling of hopelessness is not the least bit surprising since the last few tracks (especially one of our favorites Distress) already carried that vibe. But there is something much more different and real about this particular song…

PH, as they’re affectionately called here in Hong Kong, states that the track is about “trying, again and again, to rise up against powers that try to keep you down and stand in your way. This is the second time we took inspiration from Dark Souls, a game that we all love and is essentially just dying over and over again in your fight for the flame. It’s accepting failure as inevitable but still trying your best every single time.”

The production this time also sees the band moving away from the more typical amp/drum plugins that progressive metalcore bands are better known for especially the drums. “For this particular track, we tried to go with a more natural drum sound that would more accurately represent Shaun’s playing. And the whole track was meant to have that ambient gloomy vibe that represents despair and struggle. The line in the intro “Puppet still enslaved by the hands of fate” is a callback to our first Souls Series inspired track “Nefarious Agenda” featuring Tomy of Evocation.”

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