Progressive Metal Act Anna Back With New Single ‘Voodoo’ [Thailand]

The last time that Thai-artist Anna sent us info about a music video, the post frickin’ blew up! Let’s see how this one does cause she does RULE. She has just released a music video for a brand new track entitled ‘Voodoo’ and was kind enough to send us information about the song (Dear Bands – PLEASE always do this! Don’t just tell us you released a song, please also tell us what the song is about!)

“This song I am reflecting on the state of my country and I want people to know about it. Musicians in my country don’t receive any financial support or compensation for the impact that COVID has had on our industry. The government only cares about those in civil service, soldiers, and the police which is all because our leader is a military dictator. So that’s why I had the idea to write this song that doesn’t beat around the bush about the political situation here. It talks about using superstitions to destroy the totalitarian regime that this country is under.”

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