Prog Rock Act Karakoram Release Behind The Scenes Video of Show in Karachi [Pakistan]

This is a really cool video released by Pakistani prog-rock band Karakoram as they document their live show that took place in their hometown of Karachi. The venue the band plays in looks fucking AMAZING – called District 19 – great stage set-up, lighting, and from what we hear audio is pretty badass too. Throughout the about 20 minute video, the band’s vocalist takes you through the journey of setting up the show, playing the sold-out show, the audience response, and even some thoughts about the lyrical content of the songs. There are a lot of very touching moments – but it’s the singer’s last line that seems most poignant especially when you consider how much is at stake when promoters try to put on shows in Pakistan.

“For us, it was very refreshing and we hope to see and experience nights like these a lot further on, when it ends, to experience music like normal people.”

Though the vocalist mainly speaks in Urdu, you can get the vibe. The band was celebrating the release of their full-length ‘Ailaan – e – Jaang’ streaming further below.

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