DSBM Act Tanak Bihis Release Track About Hometown Serian [Malaysia]

Tanak Bihis is a one-man DSBM (depressive suicidal black metal) act formed by David Dean, frontman of Kuching thrash metal band Velhalla, to originally function as a side-project to stray away from the usual thrash metal scene.

In 2015, he adopted the idea of forming a solo act inspired by artists like Varg Vikernes of Burzum and Xasthur. This eventually gave birth to Tanak Bihis and he started recording demos in a span of 2 years releasing DIY records until in 2017 Tanak Bihis released its first studio-recorded track ‘Hear Me No More’ and marked the start of its depressive-clad sound. Thus, gave emergence to Kuching’s very first DSBM existence.

Tanak Bihis’ newest track ‘Serian’ is out now and is the first ever track by Tanak Bihis to be released in the Bidayuh Serian language and features Jane Nuek from Kuching’s own Dance On Your Grave. “Jane was offered to be on Serian because she was initially invited to be featured with my band Velhalla a few years back but it never happened. So this was the chance to include her. This was also to try something different sparking curiosity amongst listeners “Jane is singing with a black metal band??” This might be something confusing to some but to me it’s progression. I want to debunk the myth around some parties and tell them that we still can do something like this regardless of genres, styles, or backgrounds.”

Jane added, “Since the previous plan to be featured on a Velhalla track didn’t happen, he asked me to be featured on this track. I was like oh God! Let’s make it happen! Cuz I’m so interested to be featured in the black metal genre. The song is basically about reminiscing the beauty of our hometown Serian in a very melancholic and bleak way. The whole point of Serian is to tell stories of our origins, nature, and atmosphere of things happening around the place when we were young, and that we shall never forget our roots and humble beginnings. For example, this is my part:

“samah darud, samah boh sungi. Binua adih tetap da indi…”

This is basically, “we walk the same hills, we swim the same river and no matter how things go we shall never forget where we came from…”

Since we have a relationship with Jane through her AMAZING band Dance On Your Grave, we had to ask her about the experience of singing on a black metal track. “My experience throughout this process was intense actually. This was the first time I’ve ever had to scream in a completely different way. It’s very emotional actually. Cause it brings back memories of when I was little and my late grandad always brought me to his farm here at Serian. And I’m actually with my family in Serian now ever since the pandemic and every morning we’re waking up, drinking coffee looking at the mountain. It’s just so peaceful and serene. So I just feel this was absolutely the right time for David to contact me to be featured on this single.”

Go check out the track below and look for some new info from Dance On Your Grave soon!



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