Powerviolence Band Oswald Snap Release Full Demo – Donate All Funds To Community

A couple weeks ago we wrote about an awesome new OSDM meets powerviolence band called Oswald Snap out of the Philippines. You should DEFINITELY be watching out for this band…

Today the band has announced that all proceeds from the sales of their demo (both digital and physical) will be donated to members of their communities who are dealing with some hefty financial medical bills right now.

“We’ll be releasing our full demo on June 4  and we’ll be selling it for 100php a piece. Maybe you’re wondering why such a steep price for a CDr demo? Well, all proceeds and every goddamn penny will go to the beneficiary of this gig Jay Yator, and his wife Kelly [Editor’s Note: She has been painfully dealing with trigeminal neuralgia]. If you don’t feel like buying the CD then go to the show and pay at the gate, all those proceeds will go to them too.

Lastly, everyone can download our demo on bandcamp for FREE or if you feel like it, you can pay whatever price you want and every dime will still go to Jay and Kelly.”

Do it.

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