Powerviolence Band Only The Last Song Unleash Debut Album – Shit’s FIRE [Japan]

Dude…what a way to wake up on a Sunday morning here in Hong Kong than a barrage of insanely crafted powerviolence from Japan. Only The Last Song has been around for 9 years featuring members who moonlight in bands like Blindside, Soul Discharge, Shapeshifter, etc…basically, band members who know a thing or two about this thing called “hardcore”. With pedigree like that of course the music is going to be stellar – we just had no idea HOW good it was until the band released this full length. The record is out on Toy Gun Records owned by Marcy, drummer of amazing emo/indie rock band Buddhiston. Toy Guns Records does a great job explaining that the band may be “powerviolence” in sound, but there is most DEFINITELY an underlying “youth crew” vibe to the band.

Go blast these jams now and support the band label by picking up the record on CD (and other merch) HERE.

Follow the band HERE: https://www.instagram.com/onlythelastsongkc/

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