Hardcore Band Sekam Drop a Song For Hardcore Diehards [Malaysia]

Kuala Lumpur Hardcore gets repped HARD and for good reason. The quality of bands who stalk those streets for whom badass riffage just comes oozing out of their hands is IMMENSE. Sekam is a band that comes from those exact roots having formed back in 2018. The band’s name “SEKAM” stands for Street Edge Kids and Mosh but it is also a Malay term ‘Api Dalam Sekam’ meaning “fire in the husk” which has many several meanings. “In terms of what this Malay term means, we adopt the definition of when the husk is burned, it keeps on burning even though it changes night and day. To us it means we want our music and our band to last a long time and continuously fight for what we believe in.”

From the getgo, the band has gone through a whole bunch of lineup changes and with it, their influences have also gradually evolved from hardcore punk to heavy hardcore. Through it all, the band has now carved out their own sound in the local hardcore scene being heavily influenced by 90’s bands like Strife, Earth Crisis, and of course the godfathers of this shit – Agnostic Front. The band may have harnessed their influences well but they’re also keenly aware and supportive of regional heavy hitters like Jeruji, King Ly Chee, Outright, Naratu, Restraint, Piledriver, Born From Pain, Overthrown, etc.

Lyrically, the band focuses on friendship, politics, injustice and struggles.

The band tonight has dropped a brand new single ‘Hardcore Selamanya’ (Hardcore For Life).

“The song is dedicated to the diehards from the young to the old who are still invested and connected to this. Moreover, this
song is also intended for hardcore bands, especially in Malaysia, the OG pioneers who have always been our main inspiration. We’re trying to capture the spirit of resilience and the idea of never giving in.”

As the pandemic has ravished the world, Malaysia has sadly also not been spared. “This covid 19 pandemic was particularly hard for all of us, with the lockdown situation forcing us all to stay home. This song serves as a way for us to pay tribute to our friends who have passed away and encourage others to continue to stay strong through this hell.”

The band is continuing to work on new tracks which may eventually become a new EP or full length.


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