Post Hardcore Band Obsess Release Brand New Single and Music Video ‘Beast’ [Taiwan]

There are some songs that just grab you right off the bat…something about the chord progression, choice of melody, the vocals, the lyrics…something that in a world where we’re all overwhelmed with so much new music every day can cut through all that noise and actually told your attention.

Brilliant Taiwanese post-hardcore band Obsess just dropped a new single/music video for a song called ‘Beast’ and this is the track of 2023 for us thus far. That opening mesmerizing guitar riff immediately made us go “woah”, but when those insanely talented vocals kicked in with that little Foo Fighters type of kick to it…goddamn. This is post-hardcore on a much grander and more epic scale. It’s clear that in 2023, Obsess from Taiwan is ready to show the world what they’re truly capable of.

And we’re fucking here for it.

The band was kind enough to give us some background to the new track – because we HAD to harass them about this new song as soon as we heard it!

“We’re currently in a strange state of the world where people are constantly being denied opportunities and feels like everything is going backward. It’s not just war, plague, poverty, death that we have to face, but a deep sense of powerlessness, and thus desperation takes over our lives. But we don’t want to throw in the towel yet.

The title “beast ” doesn’t mean we lose it just by getting angry. It means to turn ourselves into ultra strong beasts, and staying determined and resolute. Turning ourselves into untouchable beasts so that we can all overcome these obstacles together.”

Badass. We of course had to ask about the new elements (especially that opening riff). “Since we confirmed our latest lineup back in 2017, elements of alt-rock/grunge could be heard on our last full-length ‘Pain;Us’. This time around we wanted to bring back some “humanity” to the heavy/loud music and so the elements you hear really fit that vibe and what the topic of the song.”

As the band looks forward to the rest of 2023, they state that they’re hoping to tour as much as possible overseas. “We have been working on a new album but can’t make any promises of when it could possibly be coming out. We just want it to be the best things we’ve done yet.”

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