Post Hardcore Band Instinct of Sight Release Lo-Fi Track ‘Light’ [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong-based post-hardcore/metalcore band Instinct of Sight have released a special lo-fi version of a track entitled ‘Light’. Amazing vocalist, Jacey, was kind enough to give us a recap of the song and the path that got the band to do this highly stripped-down version of the song.

“This Lo-fi version is from a special live video we did for Tom Lee [An music instrument institution in Hong Kong]. For that specific performance, we had arranged a lo-fi version of this song and I was so surprised the moment I started singing. This version is so different from when I first wrote the song 2 years ago. As I was singing these lyrics, I could feel that I have grown more open and accepting of myself in this time from back then when I wrote these words. Back then I needed inner strength.”

She continues, “The day I wrote this it was a form of self-embrace because I was struggling, stressed from inner pain. Now looking back I am proud of myself for not ignoring this feeling because it helped me learn how to “let go”. Through this process, I learned so much about pain and how to ease stress because I started to think about where the pain comes from to truly understand this feeling. I am comfortable now accepting that pain is the nutrition of our lives, it’s what ends up stimulating and inspiring us, and who I am now is all from how I react to pain. When I realize that pain is an illusion, it is the perspective of how we look at things, that’s when I wrote the lyrics hoping to transfer this message to our listeners. It’s a simple message, “if you’re feeling low, and you feel like the whole world is giving up on you, don’t forget, you can still be your own savior, and feel it with your inner power”. The lyric that embraces this message is: “Feel the sound in the air tonight”.

Powerful words from an inspiring human being. This version of the song was rearranged by Sze Wai Chan with mixing/engineering work by Kin T. Poon.

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