Anime-Inspired Deathcore Human Instrumentality Project Release Debut Album [China]

Guangzhou-based deathcore band Human Instrumentality Project have released their debut EP fully inspired by the world of anime.

Here’s the full write up and tons of cool reaction videos further below:

“While the five tracks are all originally composed by the band,the concept and thesis of their EP are based upon the classic Japanese animation “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Each of the tracks deals with one of the 4 children chosen to pilot the EVAs – Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Kaworu. Through the lyrics and compositions, we are given glimpses into Shinji’s deep self-loathing and his perceived gap between himself and the world around him. Asuka’s lyrics explore her deep-seated depression and anger at the world while Rei’s song looks at the pain and harm that a full understanding of the self can bring. Finally, Kaworu’s track displays the hopes and dreams that God holds for us. As for which track corresponds to each child, that’s up to the listener to draw their own conclusions.”

“Also included on the EP is the title track The Brutal Angel’s Thesis. Adapted from the anime opening The Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”

“While it may have been 24 years since the original TV series ended, this track revisits the despair and melancholy hidden within that upbeat opening with a fresh sense of youthful optimism and hope.

Just like the underlying message of Evangelion (most recently seen in the remake of Evangelion movies) even in the deepest sadness, hope can be found no matter how dimly it shines.

As long as the world still turns, there will always be a tiny hope that can never be extinguished, all it takes is for you to extend your arms and grasp it tightly.

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