Pop Punk Band Secret Signal Release About Being Lost in Foreign Lands [Brunei]

[Editor’s Note: Now THIS is a good write up! Thank you Secret Signal for the put into this!]

With the world facing the current Covid-19 pandemic, every band’s dream of touring has to be put on hold and it’s no different for Secret Signal, Brunei’s hardest touring band. Being in a country with no underground scene, the only chance Secret Signal gets to play shows has to be done all overseas and the band has been touring almost 4 to 5 times a year prior to the current pandemic reaching new heights each and every tour and this music is a throwback of the tour life we, and we’re sure every other touring band, love and cherish the most.

The music video features 2 songs starting with ‘Home’ which guitarist, Bryant, wrote whilst walking aimlessly on the streets of Japan. This short song speaks about being lost in a foreign country with no clue as to where home is. And the 2nd track “We cannot win” is a song dear to Secret Signal as it speaks about fighting to reach our dreams as a band coming from a country with an almost nonexistent underground scene. The line “why are we still here, even though we cannot win?” is a question we ask ourselves every tour or every opportunity we get to go out and play music overseas. But the answer is simple, we love doing it and we won’t have it any other way.


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