Pop Punk Band END STREET Release New Song About The Passing of Band Member [Philippines]

Check out this submission by Philippines based pop punk band END STREET about their latest single:

“I’m Symoun, sound engineer at Tower of Doom and vocalist of the pop-punk band End Street. My band recently released a song, together with a music video, called “Gunita”; a song about losing a loved one and living with the fact that they are never coming back.

I’ve been contemplating on how I should write this PR/Press kit write-up to promote our new music, but I really wish to give justice to the song by telling its story in its entirety, the story of Eric JP and the hole he left from his passing; so I’m writing this as a letter to tell that story to you.

A little over two years ago, Eric passed away for reasons still unknown to many of us. He left a void in our local music scene, being known for his exquisite guitar-playing chops and just being an overall good guy to everyone he met. To us, however, he meant more than just a guitar player who every now and then would play in our band as a proxy; he was our great friend that the world took too soon.

I wrote Gunita on the day that he was laid to rest, and it took me two years to come to terms that he will never pop up in my inbox or would randomly knock on my door bearing gifts and jokes galore; and here I decided to let everyone hear my song for him – for me to be at peace with the pain of his passing, and hopefully help others heal from such hurt.

Sometimes, the most painful thing is realizing that I’m starting to forget how his voice sounded. By the time we get to play this song live, I think I’ll enjoy imagining that he’d be up there with me singing, probably laughing at how my voice would crack at the highest notes.

It can be safely assumed that most of us hope that those who passed away are still just around us, floating somewhere and keeping us safe, I too like to think that from time to time, and if I ever get the chance to talk to him again, I’d say I made good use of my days to sing about him and everyone who left that I would never want to forget.

I would like to end this letter with a full breakdown of the lyrics, translated into English; for any of our friends that do not speak in Tagalog.”

Di ko na masilayan ang kulay ng ulap
(I cannot see the color of the clouds)

o ang lamig ng buwan, pagsibol sa kalangitan.
(or feel the coldness of the sky, as nighttime approaches)

Nanlalamig ang pusong puro lang sakit
(my heart is getting colder, with so much pain to bear)

kaya pwede na bang mamahinga ng saglit?
(is it okay for me to rest now?)

At kung di na mabibigyan ng buhay ang himig,
(and if I cannot sing my songs anymore)

kakayanin mo bang ikaw na lang ang huhuni?
(could you sing them for me?)

Patuloy sa pag ikot ang kamay ng orasan,
(the clock continues to turn)

tuluyan na bang napag iwanan?
(am I already left out?)

Paano kung sa pag gising mo,
(what if one day you wake up)

hinahanap mo ako?
(and you’re looking for me)

Kaso walang tumutugon
(but I do not answer)

kahit pagsapit ng dapit hapon.
(even after the sun sets)

Kung ang yakap ko ay walang higpit,
(if you cannot feel the weight of my touch)

gaano kasakit kung ang bukas ay hindi ko maipangako.
(would it hurt if I cannot promise tomorrow?)

At kapag nasinagan na ng huling liwanag,
(and if I can finally see the light at the end)

pwede mo bang ipangako sa akin na
(would you promise me)

Kung pag ibig para sakin ang natitira,
(that if all that’s left of me is love)

ipamahagi mo na lang ito sa iba
(could you give me away?)

At kung akoy tatanggihan ng langit
(if heaven closes its doors on me)

pwede ba sayo akoy kumapit?
(could you open yours for me?)

At pag nagkita na tayong muli,
(and if we see each other again)

aawitan kita tulad ng dati
(I’ll sing our songs like how we used to)

Gaano kasakit?
(how much does it hurt?)

Gaano kasakit?
(how much does it hurt?)


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