Pop Punk Band Delay Our Misery Release Debut Music Video [Hong Kong]

Our dudes in brand new Hong Kong-based pop punk band Delay Our Misery have released a music video for the debut track ‘The After Party’. The band was kind enough to send in some background on the track and the video itself:

“The After Party is our debut track and the first song we wrote together as a band, and since Blink-182 is our common influence among us three members, we thought that’d be a great place to start in terms of how we’d sound on our first track (our later songs begin to branch out influence-wise). We wanted to make something that was not only fun and quite humorous, but also nostalgic in the sense that it goes back to our roots of the 2000’s pop-punk sound, but also in the lyrics where we sort of reminisce on younger days of going to parties, getting ridiculously wasted, and going after girls at the party.”

It’s also cool to see the video have cameos of a whole assortment of peeps from Hong Kong’s underground scene – members of Hybrid Stereo, Parallel Horizons, ARKM, Dagger, etc.


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