Pop Punk Act Wishbone Wednesday Release Amazing New Single [Philippines]

Woah…though the band calls themselves “pop punk”, Philipipnes-based band Wishbone Wednesday are frickin’ amazing at their craft that only at a very surface level could be called “pop punk”. Sure – the foundation of “pop punk” is clear as day with the super melodic cleanly sung vocals. But that’s about it…the rest can’t simply be pigeonholed into one genre tag. You know how good it is? It’s in Tagalog, we don’t speak Tagalog at all, but we’re already on our 5th listen. That’s good this is. It’s just frickin’ brilliant. When you press play and the vocals come in – you’ll know what we mean.

From the band themselves, “The song ‘Harap ng Salamin’ is about missing the good old days when we didn’t have to worry too much about the future. As we grow up we begin to realize how much more complicated life is. This song is dedicated to those going through a quarter-life crisis.”

Fans of “pop punk” both as a listener and if you’re playing in these types of bands should really check this band out…


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