More of This Please! Nepali Hardcore Punk Bands Document Traveling Into India To Tour

Oh wow! This was a super cool little 6 minute video Nepali hardcore and punk bands Youth Unite, Discord and Nainsook just released of the bands leaving Nepal to travel into India for a short tour. It’s bands like these all over the world that keep the spirit of hardcore and punk alive. Against all odds, that spirit will just be passed down from generation to generation. Sure – we fully understand that out here in Asia, rock and heavy music in most places just can’t compete with electronic music. So a lot of us play in scenes with barely anyone in attendance…but that’s beside the point, we keep going no matter what. Sure it sucks sometimes, but as you can see from the expressions of the members of these Nepali bands – they’re having a great time regardless!

So sick!

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Youth Unite:

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