If You Play Punk Rock You Should At Least Be As Awesome as BB Bomb [Taiwan]

Man…we have waited a LONG time to finally hear some songs from Taiwanese punk band BB Bomb’s brand new album! We’ve been pestering their label 22 Records for a loooooooonnnnnggggg time. Much like Japan, there are still countries around Asia where bands release physical product ONLY, and then the digital release is a much later after thought. Whatever your thoughts are about digital platforms (we support and stand behind Bandcamp), not having your music available to purchase digitally the moment it’s released on physical product is something to have more conversation about – because many of us may not live in your city or country and thus not have access to your awesome music.

ANYWAY…Taiwanese punk band BB Bomb just dropped this new music video for an AWESOME track that starts off hardcore punk and then moves into Japanese melodic punk rock territory. There’s even a riff in there that has a Bad Brains vibe. Just the way we like it – a big chaotic and a bit melodic. Love it!

Again – if you want the full record you’ll have to find a way to buy their CD release:


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