Photo of beauty vs brutality – KL smothered in smog

Poor Malaysia


Look at these photos carefully…both photos are of the same place – the otherwise gorgeous city of Kuala Lumpur – one of the world’s greatest cities. The bottom photo is KL in all of its glory…the top, the horrendous situation of it being smothered in disgusting smog that is impacting people’s health. The photo up on top is more reminiscent of cities in China who have been battling insane pollution from factories that blanket large cities like Beijing on a regular basis. But this is not China – this is Malaysia.

Here’s the FB update that accompanied this comparison of beauty and brutality:

“Dear PM Najib Razak and Presiden Joko Widodo,

Let me cut the pleasantries and go straight to the point. Attached is a pic I shot of KL in my home (top – right this moment, bottom – on an ordinary day).

My family and I are sick – sore throat, flu, eye sore, cough, headache, difficulty in breathing, elevated body temperature. It’s suffocating. This #haze MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Breathing clean air is a basic human necessity. Your incompetence in eradicating this decade long issue, particularly Indonesian government, is causing a whole generations to suffer, dying slowly and shortening our lives.

This is a man-made pollution crisis. Not a natural disaster. If it is man-made, it can be eradicated by the nation’s governments – YOU. Stop profiteering at the expense of human lives, right now! This is no Hollywood end of civilisation movie. This is real and we are living in a freaking disaster situation.

I am sick of this. I am sick of you both pussy footing. You are KILLERS of millions in SE Asia. And I will hold you both responsible if there are any fatalities in my family. Thank you.

Friends, if you agree, share this out. Let these 2 leaders know we are pucking fissed-off for not having CLEAN AIR TO BREATHE. #Malaysia #Singapore#Indonesia

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