Phenomenal Post Hardcore Band Killer Calculateur Announce Disbanding [Malaysia]

Damn dude…Malaysian post-hardcore/post punk band Killer Calculateur are (were) such a phenomenal band, just check out their latest release a split from a few years back below to hear just how great. Last night the band released a statement that they have officially disbanded. Go blast some of their jams today…

“It has come to this, we have reached the end.

Ever since we put out our demo in 2006, Killeur Calculateur have made nothing but great memories with not just the four of us but many people from far and wide. We have been blessed to meet and befriend individuals from all walks of life; appreciating what we do and in most cases inspire us.

But alas, Killeur Calculateur has come to a halt as a unit and we would like to share this decision with you fellow comrades.
Thank you to everyone who came to see us perform, bought our music in whatever form as well as our merchandise — it is a joy for us to share our music and ideals with each of you.

We are grateful for all the bands we’ve had the privilege to share the stage with, show organizers and sound people for their hard work and not forgetting visual artists, musicians and independent media for their contribution to our short-lived journey.


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