Palesights Releases Phenomenal One Step Closer Fullset Live Video From Bangkok [Thailand]

Melodic hardcore band One Step Closer (and Roll Call) have had quite the debacle of events take place over the past few days with their passports getting confiscated. Sure, we could write so much about this. For example, why do governments around the world need to make it so fucking difficult (and expensive) for promoters to apply for work visas in the first place? There are some places in the world where promoters even have to submit lyrics now. Of course, we could also write about how it’s not okay for promoters to mess with the lives of traveling bands. And we could also talk about how the Jakarta scene made sure to take care of the band members while they dealt with this predicament.

But on this day, when the band have finally received all their passports and can get back to their regular lives, Thai videographer Palesights has just dropped a wonderfully shot, edited (and excellent audio) of the band’s fullset live show that took place before shit hit the fan.

Further below – enjoy other fullset live videos from the opening acts as well.

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