Owner Of Indonesian Hardcore Label Samstrong Records Releases Playlist

Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in early 2017, 100.000 is an independent record label that currently has offices in Jakarta and Baltimore, USA. Aside from releasing cassettes, shirts, and prints, 100.000 also hosts a weekly mix series featuring amazing artists, musicians, and other creative people.

“We’ve known Adit from Samstrong Records for over fours years. He always greets us with a smile, is happy to share his newest release, and talk about music. We’re so happy he put together this 18 track mix of his favorite hardcore for us. It has a nice historical arc, starting with the 1980s DC and NY roots (Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, etc) and coming right to the present day, including recent tracks from Baltimore’s Trapped Under Ice, Singapore’s Straight Forward, and more.

Aditya Samstrong’s bio:
Aditya Ageng Kristanto (born in Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia) is an active member of the Yogyakarta, independent music scene, working with such collectives as YK Booking and Jogja Record Store Club. In 2010, he founded Samstrong Records, a label focusing on hardcore, punk, and its sub-genres. The label’s releases have been highlighted by both Indonesian and international media, including Rolling Stone, Metal Hammer, Decibel, and Unite Asia among others.


01. Minor Threat – It Follows
02. Agnostic Front – For My Family
03. Cro-Mags – No One’s Victim
04. Warzone – The Sound of Revolution
05. Warzone – Open Your Eyes
06. Straight Answer – Hantam Prasangka Buruk
07. Straight Answer – Ini Saatnya
08. Bane – Can We Start Again
09. Madball – Heaven Hell
10. Gorilla Biscuits – Stand Still
11. Earth Crisis – The Discipline
12. Expire – Abyss
13. Trapped Under Ice – Pleased To Meet You
14. Terror – Live By the Code
15. Jesus Piece – Lucid
16. Jesus Piece – Punish
17. Malfunction – Fool’s World
18. Straight Forward – Bottom Feeder

Check it out below!


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