One Of The World’s Best At This Game – Grindcore Band Chepang – Release New Tracks

This self-description by one of the world’s most exciting, forward-thinking, grindcore bands, Chepang, is perfectly worded:

“Choosing an extreme path but without interfering with anyone. Absolute chaos but in harmony. This was the main idea we imagined when we decided to do this project. Challenge here was not to be technically proficient and create a masterpiece but to liberate your mind and be yourself. We tried to capture the first instinct that came into our mind when we were recording. This music is almost a metaphor for freedom from all the boundaries and disciplines we create that sometimes persuades us to not be human. If one is truly free, the happiness is automatic and the creation ensues is more clear and beautiful than anything that they created.”

Today…the band released tracks from their upcoming masterpiece Chatta – the band’s second full length released two years after the debut, Barriga De Verme, that put the band on the worldwide map.

The band states:

“It picks up in the same note where Barriga De Verme leaves, 13 left field tracks of twisted angular guitars howling with double percussive drumming to some mindbending saxophone notes with acoustical noise thrown in the middle of all of this chaos. Somewhere in the middle of this, you can also hear Colin Marston who produced this record in his studio “MENEGROTH THE 1000 CAVES” tapping away at 480 BPM, a million notes serving as collapsing adhesive glue to the already existing double blasting 1 million percussive BLASTS. And Yes there is shred, actually, double the shred provided by Takafumi Matsubara and Himalayan Halen spacing out in one song with harmonic licks overriding the cacophony of blast beats and shrouding insanity of guttural vocals.

Of course, being Chepang who they are and their background they lay down some tribal instruments as well on a track that is fueled with jazz ridden saxophone played by Mette Rasmussen and Acoustic landscapes by Tashi Dorji. Both artists are well known in the world of free improvised music. It might not get you in the first listen, however over time it will slowly slither into the brains of the listener injecting a slew of emotions from anxiety to anger to sadness to happiness to ecstasy leaving room for more.

Of course, the band has to venture into some uncharted territory to celebrate further with their other associative artists whom they call GURKHA COMMANDO BLAST TEAM. But wait there is more, these tracks are not Grindcore, for the ones who were searching for grindcore in the record. In fact, Side B is “More grindcore than grindcore“ like Rob Zombie’s song “MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN”- HINT.

Produced by Colin Marston in his legendary studio MENEGROTH THE 1000 CAVES Queens, NY, he has captured the energy and the emotion/looseness of Chepang in its pure unaltered form. Double blasting roomy dynamic drums into howling frenzy vocals slithering into percussive/angular guitar madness with extra aural experience of all the guest artists into one SONIC EXPERIENCE. This record should be MANDATORILY heard at MAXIMUM VOLUME For the BEST DYNAMICS…

Last but not the least, the cover art subjective to one’s interpretation fits perfectly with the record with the maddening scenes of society falling into chaos “- done by Srijit Raj Bhandari and color layout by Dibeshor Gurung.”

The new album is being released by Nerve Altar Records and Holy Goat Records. Look at how sick the different variations look! GET ‘EM ALL! Pre-orders in the Bandcamp below!


More awesome news – in about an hour (9pm), vocalist of Wormrot is going to be blasting these jams:

“We are very happy to announce our dear friend ARIF Arif Rotworks Art/Music/Game Live Streams from Wormrot will be exclusively previewing and streaming a couple of tracks from our new record “CHATTA” LIVE on his channel this Friday(05/15/2020) Singapore Time 9 PM/ EST 9 AM time on his Facebook and Twitch Channel.”

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