One of Our Favorites – Godless – Announce New Album and Craft Beer [India]

Easily one of our favorites…Indian death metal band Godless have released quite a few updates including: new album, lineup changes, and most recently, a brand new craft beer.

Read on below.

“We’re pleased to announce that we’re working on a brand new full-length album due for release in 2021.

Post the album, guitarist Ravi Nidamarthy and drummer Aniketh Yadav will be moving on from the band to focus on their professional lives. Ravi and Aniketh have been with the band since its inception and have been a part of the band for over 5 great years. We fully support their decision and wish them the very best for their careers.
Statements by Ravi and Aniketh:

Ravi: “The 5 years in the Godless camp were one heck of a time. We toured many cities, playing shows I never thought possible and meeting some amazing people in the process. Also, Wacken Open Air! The time I spent jamming, gigging, touring, recording in the studio, and the afterparties has been pretty wild and one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Sadly, it’s time for me to get off this ride. Finding the balance of being in an actively touring metal band and building a sustainable professional career at the same time is unforgiving, and it has turned out to be quite difficult for me. This leaves me no choice but to prioritize my career. I’m going to miss this time with my brothers. I can’t wait to be at the next Godless gig and experience the band from the other side of the stage this time!”

Aniketh: “My journey with Godless has come to an end. As I look back, it’s unfathomable that in 5 years, we’ve managed to accomplish milestones that I wouldn’t have imagined even in my wildest dreams. Being in an actively touring metal band requires immense dedication and steady funding. I’ve always had to hustle to strike that balance and cut corners to fund my musical endeavours. Being an actively touring metal musician and part-time drum tutor took a lot of my mental space and has had its financial pitfalls. While the outcome is rewarding, the future seemed questionable and unstable for me. I need to take a step back, reassess things, and get my career in order. Godless has always been a brute force and a source of power from within! For me, it’s an entity that aims at creating raw, abrasive, and adrenaline-pumping sound. I wish the band the best of things and want them to get to greater heights. That said, I will be recording drums for the full-length album due in 2021. We’ve worked our asses off to brainstorm and create a coherent extension of our previous EPs! I’m hyped as hell for what the full-length has to offer! I can’t wait to catch the band at the next gig in town!”

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