Old School Death Metal From Bangladesh? FERAL MASSACRE Release New EP

FERAL MASSACRE, the old school death metal band hailing from Chittagong, Bangladesh, has officially released their highly anticipated debut EP, “Massacre’s Resurgence.” This release marks a significant milestone in the band’s journey, showcasing their evolution and commitment to the death metal genre.

Formed in 2016, Feral Massacre consists of Tushar on vocals, Disun on bass, Jisun on guitars, and Tasin on drums. Despite numerous challenges, including financial issues and the lack of proper music facilities in their city, the band has persevered and delivered a powerful EP that reflects their growth and dedication.

“Massacre’s Resurgence” encapsulates the raw, dark sound of old school death metal, infused with modern elements. The EP features tracks like “Emergence of Abaddon,” “Noxious Chant,” “Ode to the Eternal Massacre,” and “Devoured by Dread,” each weaving a complex tapestry of apocalyptic themes, mythological references, and a deep exploration of darkness and destruction.

The band began working on this EP in 2019, overcoming numerous hurdles along the way. The recording process, which started in 2021 at SJ Studio, faced significant delays due to financial constraints and scheduling issues. However, Feral Massacre’s unwavering dedication ensured the completion of the EP in 2023, with some parts recorded at home to expedite the process.

This release not only highlights the band’s resilience but also positions them as a formidable force in the Bangladeshi extreme metal scene. Despite the challenges of a small local scene and limited resources, Feral Massacre has received strong support from local promoters, gig organizers, and loyal friends, who have been instrumental in their journey.

With “Massacre’s Resurgence,” Feral Massacre aims to make their mark globally. They have secured a deal with a small label from Poland to release tapes of the EP and are in talks for a record deal for their upcoming full-length album.

Fans of old school death metal can expect a blend of traditional techniques and modern sounds, creating a unique and powerful listening experience. Feral Massacre’s journey is a testament to their passion and commitment to their art, and “Massacre’s Resurgence” is a clear reflection of their hard work and evolution.

Stay tuned for more updates as Feral Massacre continues to forge their path in the metal world, bringing the raw and dark sounds of Chittagong, Bangladesh, to a global audience.

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