Now this is what we’re talking about! Brotherhood Brutality Fest to hit Bangkok – bands from Asia

Check out this insane lineup for the upcoming Brotherhood Brutality Fest to hit Bangkok featuring bands from Japan, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand and with headlining act from the US Cephalotripsy. We have nothing to do with this lineup or festival but want to give our heartfelt thanks to the promoters Slamman Booking Asia and Amputated Vein Records for putting something together like this that is so supportive of our Asian brethren!

Slamman Booking Asia let us know the following:

“Our sole purpose is to bring brutal death bands to Asia, while letting people outside of Asia ALSO know what brutal bands we have here in our home.”

All the info you need is here and ready for you to start booking your flights over:

October 20, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

Cephalotripsy (USA)

Gorevent (Japan)

Myocardial Infarction (Japan)

Maggot Colony (Taiwan)

Dissevered (Laos)

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