A must watch…

Here you go…some background to one of the most prominent styles of hardcore on this planet…NYHC. There are TONS of bands around Asia that love this style which speaks to them in many profound ways. (The Geeks and 13 Steps make appearances in this video)

Check out: Singapore’s Overthrown/Straight Forward/Weight of the World A.D.
Check out: South Korea’s 13 Steps/Johnny Royal
Check out: China’s Return the Truth
Check out: Philippines’ Piledriver/Dienasty
Check out: Indoensia’s West Side Hoodz

As a kid growing up in Hong Kong dealing with city life and racism and all those things that you see as part of any massive city anywhere on this planet, the ONE style of hardcore that spoke to me the most was always NYHC…bands like Sick of it All, Biohazard are the ones that got me into hardcore way back when. That doesn’t mean that I always stuck to NYHC, but NYHC opened the door to this underground world and once I was in I wanted to know more and discover more and explore more – I wanted to be a part of this world…

And this is who I am to this day as a 38 year old, father of a 3 year old, teacher of 6 year old children…


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