No Joke, Three Days In A Row That Something Sick Has Been Released in Asia – Discord [Nepal]

This has been an unusually amazing start to the year for us out here in Asia. It’s now the third day of the new year and we get to help announce yet another stellar release. Before we get to that release, let’s recap the first two days.

JANUARY 1, 2020
OTUS [Japan]
New Single

JANUARY 2, 2020
Sawtorture [Malaysia]
Debut Album

JANUARY 3, 2020
Discord [Nepal]
New Tracks

And then today we get to announce that Nepalese grindcore unit Discord are about to drop a full length on German label Lower Class Kids Records. The band has already released two KILLER tracks streaming below.

DISCORD was founded in 2016 with Keroz on vocals, Uzwal on guitar and Zaman on bass and Bikesh on drums. The band plays extreme grindcore with some hardcore influences. The band started out as a cover band playing some classic Napalm Death and Terrorizer stuff. Although the band always wanted to record, it was not easy due to their circumstances and everything, so they just played shows.

The band was on a break in 2018 and after a year off Discord was back with a new lineup. Ridesh joined the band as the new drummer. After a few months of intensive rehearsals they planned to go into the studio.

Finally, Discord is on the road with a record called “Blood, Sweat & Grind”. The album consists of 13 songs, which include some sarcastic, lyrical protest themes.

Get more info on the release HERE.

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