Nepalese Rock Act Shree 3 Release Fullstream For Debut Album

Nepalese rock act Shree 3 who throw a whole bunch of musical elements together from rock to stoner to metal to grunge, etc…have released a full stream of their debut album. This is what the band had to say:

“After 3 years we are pretty stoked to put up our debut studio album. As a result of all the love and support from you guys, and to the passion for all the music we love from hard rock to metal, from alternative to stoner /desert rock, द्रब्य धर्म all dwells within the theme ‘freedom’. With a total of 10 tracks (5 nepali and 5 english), here’s a brief intro to the songs:

1 & 2 .RIVER/ MONK about one’s fight for freedom against all false cults, religions and political beliefs.
3. कोसिश , dwells with one’s upbeat solitude standing far from love and relationship.
4. एउटै अन्त्य, living the natural world.
5. द्रब्य धर्म, all about monetary whirlpool, and the freedom from the material world.
6. बिपना, about the death to be only the truth, and the freedom from all the bitter counterfeit.
7. SUNTALI, a prostitute’s dream and greed for her lavish lifestyle
8. SANITY WRECK, is all about turning yourself into monster.
9. MAZE, the self determination to stand strong against all odds.
10. भकुण्डो, a battle of one minor individual, to be a part of a system”

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