MUST WATCH NOW!!! Lion City Underground documentary!

Dude…stop everything you’re doing RIGHT NOW and watch this GREAT documentary about Singapore’s underground scene! Wow wow wow wow! So great…I LOVE that played Overthrown to random people on the street to get their reaction – just to show you just how little hardcore is understood – let’s not even talk about appreciated.

I love what Hotdog the bassist of Overthrown says about how his mom cut his guitar strings to stop him from playing in a band. My own dad smashed my guitar against a bed.

I also LOVE hearing the proactive female members of the Singapore scene speaking up and talking about their experiences – we need more of them to express their experiences! The honesty in these brave women to speak up is amazing.

GREAT documentary…

While watching this video I am sure there are TONS of people all over Asia who will be listening and thinking “holy shit – they’re like talking about my community here”. It’s true – without fail every single person in the video talks about how not enough people support or believe in their own local bands. All love, passion and support goes to overseas bands that come – but the local ones are the ones where the local audience stand around, twiddling their thumbs and watching.

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