MUSIC PREMIERE: Japanese screamo band Stubborn Father on a 4 way split record

Stubborn Father

This is a few weeks in the making.

This site only started in April of this year and within this short period of time it is remarkable how far across the globe the site has journeyed. I get emails from people all over the world who are psyched about what they see here and want to get their band/label/event featured here. That’s totally fucking badass.

But what’s even more badass is when labels from the other side of the planet are psyched on the bands that they see on this site. Hopefully they’ll begin to engage with bands out here to bring them out there or help release music.

One label that IS doing just that is a label out of the US called Meat Cube Label. They’ve sent in this exclusive track coming off a 4 way split record that they’re doing featuring the following 2 Japanese bands:

Stubborn Father – Japanese screamo/power violence

Stubborn Father

SeeK – Japanese screamo

*Both these bands are absolutely for fans of Envy-esque scream your heart out post-hardcore…both bands also deliver some unique twists to this sound which makes their end of the release incredibly exciting.

and the following 2 American bands:

Altar of Complaints

What you get to hear below is Stubborn Father’s featured track. To pick up the record head straight to Meat Cube’s webstore at this link:

The record is being released together between the following three labels: MeatCubeLabel (Seattle, WA), LongLegsLongArms (Tokyo, Japan), and Kakusan Records (Oslo, Norway).

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