More thoughts on “crowdkilling” letter by Amir Kadir

How should I start really?

by Amir Kadir

How should I start really? It’s not a rebuttal to what Louis Foo wrote, frankly from what I see it’s just a little thing that happened at a show that kinda blown out of proportion. I can’t really say much of what happened at that show last night as I was not there. From what I know, seen and believe in that its just some dickheads trying to pull a macho tough thingy in a pit.

Frankly recently the amount of kids going to a show and pulling this kinda stunt is kinda a norm from what i know at least. Being someone that organized, helped and goes to shows myself in about more than a decade ive seen, gone through this kinda thing and some are even worse. As an older kid in the scene i’ve always taken the initiative to make known to the attendees to be mindful, to take care of one another, to respect the space and even the equipment. To say Louis used to be an arse at shows (then again i know hes having his own fun) till he himself do his own shows. The thing is kids wont understand the other aspect of how hard it is in doing a show till they themselves do it. The reason why i stood up for those kids being beaten up at the recent Out For Blood show which resulted in Straight Forward cutting their set short and also for speaking up against those bloody gatecrashers at the Bane show. Its all about respect, integrity and doing the right thing eventhough sometimes there is no right or wrong, cuz at times i ended up feeling bad cuz i have to kicked out kids or even worst stopping a show half way. The worst that could happened is being reported to the police, something that happened to me a couple of times and even recently. That a whole thing altogether and i shall not go on that.
In recent years theres no doubt a number of newer kids going to shows something that im happy about then again with newer kids the chances of those not knowing how violent a pit can be and the chances of them being hit and taking it as that is high. Thus the very reason fights broke out. As an organizers some need to learn that its not only about hiring a venue and calling in bands. The responsibilities is higher cuz it goes beyond just that. You got to take care of the kids that goes to your show, the equipment hired or entrusted for the show and the venue too. To adhere to any performance licensing and not wanting the police to come is another worry.
Locally we’re already finding it hard to do up a local show in a DIY sense. With this bitter and childish thingy that happened it dont help much. We cant really be back to where the time shows are being banned cuz of the Rollins slamdancing fiasco that appeared in the papers which resulted and affect the scene heavily.
Kids need to understand and know the ethics of going to a show. Yeah, all of us are in it for the music and our very scene is already small please dont make it smaller by this. They’re not just killing the show, they’re killing themselves and everyone that come for the music. Surely we cant let one bad apple or a silly incident or dispute spoilt the whole fun for everyone and affect the scene in the long run.
Make it safe, think and be aware of your surroundings. If the place is too small, come on is there a need to do the windmill and shite? Im not saying these because i feel superior or greater than anyone. Im not! Im writing this cuz i care. I know in my years of doing shows and helping out some tend to hate me for the things i did and said then again its for the good of everyone and one most important thing is that show went smoothly without any shitty thing happenings.
The older generation of scenesters might not understand and need to be assured that what this new generation is doing is safe for everyone. Cuz its also to ensured that our fairer sex have their fair share in the pit and to ensured that its not all about the guys. The girls to wanna have fun and so let them feel safe in the pit. Kids, yes for little kids too. Whats the point if its all ages when a little kid came to a show but cant enjoy it cuz some dickheads kept shoving everyone. Too many have already shunned from going to a local show anymore cuz of these. So what if some dont wanna mosh or dont wanna be in the pit? They have the rights to do whatever cuz they came for the bands and paid for the show.
One last thing dont ever call anyone names or whatever such as poseur cuz everyone of us have to start somewhere and even me i started off not knowing shite. Theres no segregation or division whatsoever we are of one scene. So what if youre a skinhead, a punk, hardcore, metalhead or whatever you wanna call it. Everyone got their right to be a part of this just as much as anyone. So please avoid all the unnecessary.
Make mosh not war! Take care of one another, respect the space and the surroundings and all will be good. Just take this as an open letter to my scene and a self reminder to anyone that cares.
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