Metallic Hardcore Act Noose Bound Release Music Video Dedicated To Hometown [Indonesia]

Metallic hardcore band Noose Bound have followed up the release of their phenomenal debut album ‘To the Same End’ with a music video for the track ‘Haplessburg’.

Of course, we had to follow up with the band to see how the response has been to their debut album because on our end, we can clearly see that shit’s taken off after we premiered it here! “The response has been amazing! We’re so grateful that listeners are so hyped with the songs and we are glad that this long-awaited album seems to fulfill the expectation of our listeners. It has also brought new listeners to us which makes us thrilled as well.”

And today we’re releasing the first music video for the record. “We decided on this particular song because it represents where we come from, a small city called Malang in Indonesia. This song amplifies our perspective on how we love the city with all of its beauty and nonsense. In terms of the music, “Haplessburg” is one of a few tracks on the album that flies the NYHC flag, a sound we’ve always adored and grew up with. For us, NYHC is a really big aspect on shaping the 90’s Metallic Hardcore/Metalcore sound we do. ‘Haplessburg’ comes from the English word “Hapless” which means ‘Malang’, as well as burg which is a slang / informal word of ‘city’ which means ‘city’ in Indonesian. Implicitly, the title of this song tries to give the impression of the name of a city in the middle of nowhere like Johannesburg, but it should be obvious this song is actually about our hometown, Malang City.”

And in terms of the actual video? “The video is just 5 of us playing our instruments around town, showing you some parts of the city, until the final breakdown when the lyrics hit “Now you can set me ablaze”. Through this MV, we are trying to tell you that no matter what happens, no matter how bad things might become, we will always love this city, a place where we were born, raised, and now live in.”

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