Metalcore Band District 105 Release Fire New Track/Video [Vietnam]

Shit is heavy! Check out metalcore band District 105 as they hone in their love nu-metal, metalcore, and rap on this brand new single that is heavy AF.

The vocalist of the band was kind enough to give us a breakdown of the track which fully explains the fire on the track.

“We wrote this song to represent the southern part of Vietnam, where we’ve grown up and which we love. So the southern Vietnamese have always been labeled “friendly and generous” but these days I feel like we are being used and a bit disrespected. I actually think it might be kind of our own fault because for years expats who live here can’t speak any Vietnamese and even more surprisingly, can’t even speak something more international like English. This is actually not an issue if you’re living somewhere and are still kind and respectful to the country you’re living in. But some of these expats are absolute assholes. They come to our country and act like kings. I wonder if maybe some of us, unfortunately, encouraged this behavior by favoring them over our own local kind. For example, we pay foreigners more than locals. A Vietnamese who speaks fluent English, born and raised in the US will still get paid less to teach English than someone who is white and with blue eyes.”

Many of us living out here in Asia can for SURE relate to this issue. Respect to District 105 for challenging this head-on through music.

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