Metal Vocalist Shehara Releases Music Video [Sri Lanka]

Check out this brand new music video by Sri Lankan metal vocalist Shehara. In her newest song she even enlisted Sri Lankan metal veterans Stigmata in the writing process.

The following write-up is 100% penned by Tia Goonaratna”

“Shehara, the only female metal vocalist currently in Sri Lanka released Fountain of Memory in 2019 making it the first metal album by a female metal artist in the country. After releasing prominent songs from the album such as ‘Drown’, ‘Transparent Black’, ‘Broken Wings’, and ‘Forever’ followed by music videos of ‘Fidelity’ (2021) and ‘Loved for Eternity’(2019), comes the highly controversial B-RUN-CH music video.

B-RUN-CH was Directed and edited by Mike Zimmer (aka ZimZimY) who has numerous TV and feature films under his belt, and most notably, he has collaborated with prog metal master Devin Townsend for a number of projects over the years. He filmed half the video in Canada in his parking garage in Vancouver, and he also has a cameo in the video. Watch out for the guy driving a car in the woods! Adding to the visuals is Tai Hsin Shiek, a well-known concept and event

photographer from Sri Lanka who did the filming of the video and helped in location scouting paving the way for the Sri Lankan visual component in the music video under the guidelines of Mike Zimmer.

The strong and intelligible lyrics of B-RUN-CH is the zenith of this music video with lines such as ‘You’ve got a little bit of soul that I’m gonna rip tonight’ and ‘So break away from the maker’s hand I am the difference!’ declaring the inner fight to the negativity that surrounds a person. It is the

perfect recipe to forcefully exorcise your demons whether it be inner, personal, or the environment you are in. A key component keeping in line with the lyrics of B-RUN-CH is the Naga Raksha (Cobra Demon) dance performed by Kolitha Thenuwara from Tenu Kala Piyasa. The intense makeup for Shehara has been done by Halo by Ramona.

Sri Lanka, with its small and niche community of metalheads, have continued to release phenomenal music that has been reaching the international radio waves. The release of the music video, B-RUN-CH by Shehara is just another milestone in how the metal industry in Sri Lanka keeps elevating its calibre and bringing the attention of the globe to the pearl of the Indian Ocean.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!