Metal Guitarist Mradul Singhal’s Posthumous Solo Album Out Now [India]

Mradul Singhal was a solo musician from Pune, India who passed away tragically in a car accident.

‘Beyond : Life’ is the posthumous debut solo album which was recorded a year prior to his tragic demise in March 2020. This is music for people who love life and enjoy beauty. This album is a collaborative effort of Mradul with Brazilian bass magician, Samuel Chacon, who is featured as a guest artist on the album. Samuel is also the mixing engineer for the album.

Here are some words from himself when he answered some interviews earlier:

“I picked up the guitar at the age of 15 and I am playing it since then. Hi, I am Mradul Singhal, basically, I am from Meerut currently, staying in Pune. I play lead guitars with bands “Dead Exaltation” “Schwa India” “Adamantium India” and bass guitar at “Killkount India”. I have always wanted to be a musician and I knew it from the time I got my first guitar at the age of 15. After I completed my schooling, I moved to Pune to pursue law but my primary aim was to stay with music throughout. My parents got me my first guitar so they always knew my interest but they were not supportive initially with the fact that I am going to pick this up as my profession as not everyone in Meerut is breaking the stereotypes but since the time I recorded a video here and it got featured in MTV INDIES they accepted my profession pretty well.”

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