Metal Giants Valley of Chrome Drop FIFTH Album! Yes – FIFTH! [Philippines]

Damn…when bands release a couple full-lengths it always seems like something to help celebrate, but when a band goes on to release their FIFTH album – shit, that is INSANE. But here we are…Filipino metal giants Valley of Chrome have just dropped their brand new 15-track album ‘Confront Thy Curse’ streaming in all its glory below.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” — Aristotle Onassis

According to Tower of Doom, who helped release this, “These 15 blistering, brand new studio tracks are a testament to one of the darkest points of the band’s career. Only mere months after becoming the first Philippine band to perform in Germany’s acclaimed Wacken metal festival, the band was thrown into a global pandemic, which continues to cripple and ravage the live music and entertainment industry worldwide. Rather than take the lockdowns at face value, the band focused on writing and recording their next release. It was the first time they would be forced to create music alone and separated from each other.”

Vocalist Rogel added, “There were no shows to play and we couldn’t even get together to write. It was created by sheer determination. The band wrote it remotely and assembled the songs collectively at Tower Of Doom. Once again, we conquered ourselves. We refuse to accept the fact that we can’t achieve anything, even at the bleakest and helpless of times.”

On these tracks, the band, cleverly, continues down the dual language attack of their approach to songwriting. “The dual-language concept comes from the fact that the band has explored both English and Tagalog languages throughout their career. Creating 2 different versions for each song pushes the creative envelope even further”.

The producer of this release, Eric Perlas, elaborates, “We realized just how different the songs became when switching from English to Tagalog. The vibes were completely unique and they transformed the message of the music. We thought they were all great renditions so we decided to keep both versions so that fans could appreciate them all.”

In terms of the record’s artwork, Rogel added, “The Tower of Doom team took care of the artwork which was I conceptualized. It’s about dealing with your own personal wars and rising above them. The curse is all about confronting your depression and living to fight another day despite the odds.”

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