Metal Band White Morgue Drop Monstrous New Single ‘The Usurper’ [Dubai]

Woah – check out Dubai-based metal band White Morgue has they expertly take you on a massive journey through pretty goddamn technical metal that can go into more ambient territory as well. The band was formed in 2019 and have thus far only dropped their debut single ‘Truth Lies’ last year.

The band is excited to announce their brand new single ‘The Usurper’.


“We just dropped our second single “THE USURPER” today are super excited to share the same.

Truth Lies in itself, is an oxymoron that conveys the contrast in an individual’s thoughts through life and the afterlife. It focuses on superficial aspects of life such as predestined fate and urges the listener to break out of this infinite cycle to take life in their own hands. Death is considered to be a part of life and an individual feels betrayed by the lies told to them throughout their life, about things like heaven, hell, destiny, and a lot more. All that remains is sole darkness in a void world with memories of a regretted past.

In contrast, THE USURPER, The lyrics are from the point of view of a false savior who is faced with the end of humanity. They believe they are the only ones capable of saving them, deeming all other leaders as “usurpers.”

The world has seen a countless number of people like this.

Despite calling themself a hero, they revel in the idea of leaving people to die, considering them unworthy of their salvation.

The song is an analogy for people who preach their moral infallibility while judging others; not realizing the hatred and toxicity within them.”

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