Metal Band Chelsea Alley Come Roaring Back With New Single ‘Bangon’ [Philippines]

Without a doubt, Chelsea Alley is not only one of the most exciting modern metal groups to emerge from the Philippines this past year, but it’s safe to say that they are – indeed – one of the busiest. After their acclaimed debut tour de force solo concert called Macbeth Presents: First Strike was held last April in the heart of Quezon City, Philippines (which notably, was the first large-gathering for heavy music since the worldwide pandemic happened), the band immediately embarked on a mini-tour of
nearby provinces and cities outside the metro much to the delight of their loyal nationwide following, who they affectionately call their “Chelsea Armies,” which was also in support of their debut single released last December 2021 called “Heneral,” a homage and tribute to the late great SLAPSHOCK frontman Jamir Garcia.


And just recently, Chelsea Alley – composed of singer John Borja, guitarists Ariel Lumanlan and Lean Ansing, drummer Chi
Evora and – their newest addition – bassist JL Siscar (of EVEN / PHILIA fame, both female-fronted heavy metal acts also from the Philippines) released their sophomore single “Bangon” and celebrated by making a surprise, unannounced appearance at famed local bar 70s Bistro in Quezon City.

Roughly translating to “rise,” “Bangon” is a song about overcoming trials and tribulation, a sentiment that comes at a perfect time when the entire world is slowly rebuilding its way of life. Characterized by the band’s trademark knack for gargantuan guitar riffs, driving rhythms and Borja’s signature vocal range that switches effortlessly from the verse’s death growls to über melodic choruses, “Bangon” seemingly finds the band at its peak, and is currently the current anthem for fans of the genre everywhere.

“’Bangon’ was one of the quickest songs we ever wrote from the batch of material we came up with,” describes drummer Chi
Evora. “We were overflowing with ideas and momentum was on our side, so everything just fell into place – and we knew it was a
song that we all liked from the get-go, and we love playing it live; it’s always the first song in the set because it’s just so pumped-up and full of energy… like charging straight out of the gates.”

Prior to this writing, the band also flew to Northern Mindanao to the Dinagat Islands to spread both the sound and the message,
and they are also beefing up their live gig dates inside and outside the metro (as part of the Bangon Music Video Bar Tour…],
with a lot of possible dates outside the country. An exciting prospect that Chelsea Alley is bringing their trademark Heavy
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