Melodic Hardcore Band What A Beautiful Day Release Song Explanations [China]

Shenzhen based spoken-word melodic hardcore band What A Beautiful Day dropped their phenomenal debut self-titled full length on Real Deal Records. The impact the music has had on us ever since they released this collection of heart-wrenching music cannot be expressed in words. We have known the individuals who make up this band for many many years and thus this release feels like a deep profound recognition of all the things they’ve fought for and believe in. All of this while residing in a city, Shenzhen, not known much for their local music scene. Sure, they have phenomenal venues such as HOU Livehouse (pictured above) and B10, where Descendants just performed, but it’s supporting and nurturing local, homegrown talent that should always be getting the most noise. And that just rarely happens in Shenzhen. Ask yourself, how many Shenzhen bands do you know?

What A Beautiful Day, with this awesome release, will be changing all that.

Vocalist, Fang Man, sings/speaks/shouts/screams in Cantonese and thus we thought it would be cool to have him give us some background to the lyrics. So below you will see a track by track breakdown of each song, which their amazing drummer Ying Zhang (pictured above) was kind enough to translate.

Lastly, try to contact bands in China to let them know that outside their “Great Firewall” internet, the world cares and wants to support them. If you don’t know what “Great Firewall” is – look it up.

SONG 1: 潮

SONG 2: 白雲飄飄 The Drifting White Clouds

What is my pursuit of life and what does my music want to express? When I was younger these were two questions that I spent a considerable amount of time pondering over. Now, at my age, I think I may have some answers.

In this song, I used the image of white clouds and streams as metaphors to view my life. I always feel the purity of clouds and the freshness of streams. The clouds and streams can clear my mind, bring an inner sense of calm, and wash away any darkness and filth. Lyrically, I also show my view of pursuing “saints”. In my opinion, “Pursuit” is a process, “Saints” are the people that have lofty ideals. Saints are just like white clouds and streams, bringing out kindness, the goodness and the beauty of people, to see a positive way of life.

SONG 3: 梅林 The Grove of Plum

Why waste your time to enlighten incurable people? There are so many people who have the same ideals as yours and want to progress together in pursuit of excellence. You just need to spend your time looking for those people. With the right people, together we can explore the unknown world and seek the meaning of life. The pursuit of life is endless, we will push ourselves with a higher standard, to make ourselves better people.

SONG 4: 都一樣 All the same

Everyone has different experiences in the process of growing up. Some of us spend our youth making many mistakes, rebeling against their parents, putting their parents in a constant state of worry. But in the end, no matter what we do, our family will always support us and never give up on us. When I got married, my biggest feeling was that no matter what difficulties I faced and how tired I was dealing with these different situations, my family would give me tremendous support and encouragement. My parents, my wife and my son were my greatest motivation.

SONG 5: 

SONG 6:  心不想眼不见 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Nowadays, there are too many uncertainties in society. Many young people are afraid to do things boldly. They think too much of possible failures and frustrations. But the fact is, you are young, nothing can be lost, don’t be afraid of failure. Out of sight, out of mind! If you want to do something, do it! You may not succeed, but you never know until you try.

SONG 7:  罗生门 Rashomon

The state of writing this song occurs during a period of self-doubt, questioning about my own behavior and decisions. Vegetarian, Indie-music, hardcore spirit, survival, death, spiritual outlook and political concepts, these things make me struggle a lot. The lyrics had been altered numerous times, after a deep consideration, finally I decided to keep the one-stop version.
This song is more about the thought of relationship between individuals and society. How to integrate individuals into society. When facing with all kinds of social norms. Should we accept them frankly, or think independently, or stick to ourselves that we never compromise. I hope that we can think clearly, don’t drift with the tide. We should stick to what we think is right in our hearts.

SONG 8:  佛跳墙 “Buddha Jumping Wall”

In the Internet era, everyone has the right to speak freely. But people’s thoughts can be distinguished between high and low. This song is for the people who sit behind the network, distort facts and convey obscene values by typing keyboards.

SONG 9:  勇士 Warrior

Everyone’s cognition is restricted by time and space. In the long run, these restrictions will make their youth go by and live only according to rules. It takes a huge guts to break through the limitations of time and region, to leave their comfort zone, to cut through the thorns and see different scenery. Warriors are such people.

SONG 10:  孔夫子 Confucius

This song originally had a very strong political purpose and metaphor. We have to make it not so political, so that it has been changed beyond recognition. The angry mood also changed to the ironic helpless mood while we were writing this song. What the specific content says is not described in detail here.

SONG 11:  世界美好 Beautiful World

This song is written under the circumstances of helplessness and sadness for the fragile life. At that time, I was facing separation, regret and self-reproach, and the heavy blow from the world. A desperate man who was experiencing a hard time. The lyrics are more about introspection and encouragement, conveying the positive attitude. For me, this is actually a song dedicated to my deceased dog, telling myself to cherish every moment of life.

SONG 12: 

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