Melodic Hardcore Act TURNPIKE Release Misery Signals/Shai Hulud-Inspired Debut EP

What are the odds that in one day we have TWO stellar hardcore releases streaming out of the Philippines? Where SHOCKPOINT wants to pummel you into submission, melodic hardcore band TURNPIKE wants to help you pick up those broken pieces and put them all back together – complete with rolls and rolls of duct tape.

In terms of their blend of Misery Signals/Shai Hulud/Counterparts, the band states, “We are a huge sucker for the thought of merging late 90s or early 00s hardcore/metallic hardcore with contemporary melodic hardcore. Bands such as Foreign Hands, Inclination, Misery Signals, Poison the Well, Turmoil, and Shockpoint are among the bands on our personal rotation.”

On this debut EP of 5 tracks, “The tracks are brief¬†introspections about life and the suffering it entails, contemplations about the incorporeal battle within oneself and the failure to surpass one’s subjective limitations, and more focus on the self as a subject and a slight detachment to the objective world.” With members having done time in bands like Home At Last, Do By Heart, The Carousel, Self Worth, Burden and other bands from around Cebu – it should come as no surprise that the quality of these tracks are pretty damn spectacular.

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