Metallic Hardcore Act SHOCKPOINT Drop Surprise EP / Tell Us About Their Anger [Philippines]

We almost want to do this post in reverse. We want you to listen to this brand new banger of an EP released by Philippines-based metallic hardcore band SHOCKPOINT and THEN read the comments that their vocalist, Gomi, sent to us. Why? If you’re a fan of metallic hardcore ala Incendiary, Foundation, Blistered, Turmoil, Code Orange, AXIS, that more aggressive dissonant sounding heaviness whose lyrics are, to say it bluntly, dismal as fuck…this is 100% for you (and us).

But how about we do this first…the band came out seemingly out of nowhere with 3 track demo that annihilated everyone upon first listen:

They then played their first show and annihilated everyone in attendance. A few months later their entire set was captured epically below:

Today the band’s EP is on repeat constantly. All goddamn day.

We threw a bunch of questions at vocalist Gomi who was kind enough to return with some thoughtful answers.

UA: Yo, the new EP is straight fire. Can you tell us what the inspiration for the songs are?
GOMI: The EP is based on Marina Abramović’s performance art of the same name that I read about a few years ago. I think that piece was a raw example of what results from putting people within a setting where seemingly nothing is there to stop them from doing whatever they want, revealing their true nature in the process.

Songs 2, 5 and 6 are directly about the performance art, song 3 is basically telling pro-lifers to kill themselves and song 4 is based on this shocking video I saw a while back where a dude severely beats and interrogates a rapist before stabbing him to death with a screwdriver. I wanted to write about how the dark corners of society aren’t exclusive to dingy back alleys and crime-ridden slums, but are everywhere close to us. Some awful shit can be going on right next door or within your co-worker’s hard drive. Who knows? Immorality is in plain sight, it’s just better at hiding sometimes. The EP also touches on how people use religion as a fallback for their wrongdoings and the fact that a god won’t stop your actions from catching up to you whether it’s in the form of justice or mind-breaking guilt.

“Some awful shit can be going on right next door or within your co-worker’s hard drive. Who knows?”

“A normal life? You walk down the street of a city dying of rabies, past the human cockroaches talking about their heroine and child pornography, you really feel normal?” – Rorschach

UA: Sick. It’s so rad that the heaviness in the music is matched by the darkness in the lyrical content. In terms of music, what are the band’s main influences? 
Off the top of my head, we were definitely thinking of Turmoil, xServitudex, Kickback, Congress, and Isis for this EP. We definitely took from some other bands but these were the main influences for the EP. The instrumentals for the demo were written years back and were actually meant for one of Joe’s old bands. The direction it was going towards was definitely more focused on Turmoil and Foundation. For the most part, we sorta blended the sound of Turmoil and Deadguy with 90s euro edge metal. Though Paraesthesia is influenced by Isis and the title track took some cues from Division of Mind and Merauder… we even have some slight Deftones elements here and there


Lyrically, I take influence from Deklination and Division of Mind, some of the coolest recent hardcore lyrics I’ve read. Deklination’s lyrics convey some really dingy and violent imagery while still sounding really sick and poetic, and DOM is just really cryptic and metaphorical while still sounding fucking nefarious.

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