Melodic Death Metal Band Solemn Drop Intense New Music Video Feat. YoungLee [Taiwan]

Dayum – not often that we get TWO posts from Taiwanese bands, and even less frequent that both of them feature badass women in the lineup!

Taiwanese melodic death metal band Solemn have just released a brand new music video for a very futuristic track entitled ‘Rolling Shit’ that features Taiwanese rapper YoungLee. It’s an insane music video so enjoy watching this! The band also looks like they’re heading in a different musical direction (at least on this track) with some heavy progressive metalcore guitar tones and very obvious layers of electronics to further enhance the overall sound of this particular track.

It’s also cool that earlier today we showed a video featuring folk metal band Crescent Lament with a song fully set in historic times and we end the day with another Taiwanese metal band but this time launching us all the way into the future.

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