Meet Hardcore Punk Teenager Duo YOUTH ALTERATION – Drop Debut Single ‘Landmine’

Ain’t nothing like knowing that hardcore punk is safely in the hands of the next generation. Us OG’s may have some value in bringing context and historical references to how something began and how it morphed into whatever it is today, but it’s the younger kids who start bands and then who will continue to spread the word to the next flagbearers of the music/community.

Meet Philippines-based teenage hardcore punk duo YOUTH ALTERATION. The band has been making names across the Philippines scene not just for their age, but also for their spot on covers of some hardcore punk classics like GB:

and Minor Threat amongst so many more:

So when we found out the band has finally released their debut single, we had to hit them up!

UA: Can you tell me what the song is about?
Hello, I’m Kaz, the drummer, and vocals for Youth Alteration. I wrote the song this past month or so. I told my little sister Yeumi (Guitar) to jam it out and that’s what we got. She got some really weird guitar sounds/chords on the chorus part and I like it.

UA: What are your musical influences?
Kaz: Our musical influences are mostly hardcore and punk rock bands like Gorilla Biscuit, Kid Dynamite, Minor Threat, Youth of Today, Descendents, Backsides, and Anti-flag. We also currently listening to some local bands in our country like Not For Sale (N4S), New Found Heritage, Choke Cocoi, Betrayed, Goo, Bad Wave, and The Beauty of Doubt. These bands might have a great impact on our future songs.

UA: On ‘Landmine’ what are the lyrics about?
Kaz: It’s all about self-motivation. Sounds like the title itself “Landmine”. It’s like being stuck on a landmine, having fear to get your feet out of it. It’s an address to the kids like us having a fear to get outside and do something we want for someone. Just face every hurdle in your life, get to it, overcome it, and help each other out. I just got that idea when I was atop the pool slide. haha.

“It’s an address to the kids like us having a fear to get outside and do something we want for someone.”

UA: What are the plans for this year?
Nothing in general. As we are kids. We got to school, and kids are meant only to play, haha. Kidding. Kids.

We are planning to release an album hopefully this year. We got some 16-20 tracks and are currently recording. We’re just doing it on our own with our Paps crappy recording studio with his beer. Haha.

He always told us being a punk HC band here in the Philippines is hard. No one is going to help us hence so we are going to help ourselves alone. DIY always.

He said we would halt our live gigs in the meantime so that we would focus on working on our album. We got our maybe last two gigs this year. These would be on May 28 at Loquis Bar and June 17 Punk Stage Makati.

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